søndag 30. januar 2011

Castlevania Judgement (Original Soundtack)

Genres: Video Game Music, Rock
Composed by: Yasushi Asada, Michiru Yamane, Kinyuo Yamashia, Kenichi Matsubara


1. "Darkness of Fear" - (1:33)
2. "Title Screen" - (1:49)
3. "Character Select" - (1:46)
4. "Vampire Killer - Simon" - (3:11)
5. "Bloody Tears - Carmilla" - (3:24)
6. "Beginning - Trevor" - (3:58)
7. "Mad Forest - Sypha" - (3:27)
8. "Clockwork - Grant" - (3:15)
9. "The Tower of Dolls - Golem" - (3:41)
10. "The Wolf Revealed - Cornell" - (3:40)
11. "Dracula's Castle - Alucard" - (3:19)
12. "Slash - Maria" - (3:14)
13. "Iron Blue Intention - Eric" - (3:23)
14. "Evil's Symphonic Poem (Death's Theme) - Death" - (3:45)
15. "Dance of Illusions - Dracula" - (4:01)
16. "An Empty Tome - Shanoa" - (3:36)
17. "Darkness of Fear - Aeon" - (3:23)
18. "Castle" - (1:55)
19. "Gallery" - (1:56)
20. "Accessories" - (2:01)
21. "Elemental Tactician" - (3:39)
22. "Win" - (0:12)
23. "Lose" - (0:13)
24. "Game Over" - (0:10)
25. "Crucial Moment - Time Reaper" - (3:19)
26. "Credits" - (2:47)

For videogames enthusiastics the "Castlevania" franchise is quite familiar. While it is mostly known for its 2d action platformers on various consoles, "Castlevania Judgment" belongs to a different genre. "Castlevania Judgment is unique in the Castlevania entry as this is a 3d fighting video game and vastly different from its other entries.

The question is then, how does it make its transition from a 2d platformer to a 3d fighter? If I were to say in all honesty its actually a pretty terrible game. While it can be enjoyable at times, its flaws outweighs its cons. So now you might be asking why on earth am I wasting my time posting about one of the worst Castlevanias in history?

Ironically, one of the worst games in the series has actually the best soundtrack of them all. Judgment brings familiar music from earlier entries and remasters them into great versions with a much higher sound quality than its original songs. Playing Castlevania III and listening to "Beginning" is great, but when you listen to the same song in Castlevania Judgment it is a completely different experience.

If you enjoyed the Castlevania series and its music, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

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  1. ive always loved the castlevania series but ive never played that one what system is it for?

  2. Never played ANY Castelvania games, but a lot of people have been recommending their soundtracks to me. Guess it's about time I check 'em out, then?

  3. My friend is really into the castlevania series, I tried it once but it wasn't really for me.

  4. I've never played any of the Castlevania games, but maybe I should, I love games with good music. :)

  5. I didn't like the new castlevania but loved the older ones. Gonna listen to this soundtrack, thanks!

  6. also enjoyed castlevania, brings a lot of memories back from the old days for me. thanks for the insightful comment about Arsenal. following and supporting!

  7. I like certain songs from Castlevania soundtracks. The only ones I can remember are a few from Dawn of Sorrow.

  8. thats pretty cool. didnt even know of tihs

  9. I Loved castlevania, such an epic game from the good ol' days, following from www.PCReviewist.com keep us updated on other such news I will be listening to this soundtrack soon :D

  10. Castlevania, one of the best games ever!

  11. Kommentar!
    Beautiful soundtrack. The cover art looks deadlycool too.

  12. I'm still with Dracula X/SOTN. The metal/live mixes are still some of the best I've heard.

  13. It's something worth looking into. I did play a fair amount of Castlevania back in the day.