tirsdag 1. februar 2011

5 Centimeters Per Second (Original Movie Soundtrack)

Genres: Piano, minimalistic


1: "Ōkashō (桜花抄)"- (4:51)
2. "Omoide ha Tooku no Hibi" (想い出は遠くの日々) - (1:14)
3. "Shousou" (焦燥) - (1:09)
4. "Yuki no Eki" (雪の駅) - (2:19)
5. "Kiss" (Kiss) - (3:13)
6. "Kanae no Kimochi" (力ナエの気持ち) - (1:47)
7. "Yume" (夢) - (1:40)
8. "Sora to Umi no Shi" (空と海の詩) - (2:00)
9. "Todokanai Kimochi" (届かない気持ち) - (1:41)
10. "End Theme " - (2:52)
11. "One more time, One more chance PIANO ver. (Bonus Track)" - (5:00)

I've been thinking since I started this blog, what kinda music do I actually want to post? Good question, and my answer is simple. Anything I enjoy, and its as simple as that. Many of these recommendations might not exactly make sense cause they are so different, going from post-rock, to games and now to anime soundtracks.  I could of course have decided on dividing it up to 2 blog, one focusing on movie/games and anime soundtracks and one more on post-rock/ambient/ and so on. I've decided I do not want to do this though. So if you see there's something weird coming up every now and then, you can just ignore it.

Anyways I started playing the piano about 1.5 year ago, and I'm still quite a beginner at it to say the least. Many pianists has inspired me to learn playing it, and one of them is TENMON, who has created soundtracks to many anime and movies. This week I started learning a few pieces from Voices of a Distant Star and 5 Centimeters Per Second. It got me into thinking, why not post something about it here?

Earlier I've covered game soundtracks, and this one is actually from an animated movie. 5 Centimeters per second consists of three episodic stories, all telling a story how someone deals about distance. You might have guessed yeah its a romance/drama movie, but its good. Take a look at the trailer, and listen to the music as well.

To the music itself it is very minimalistic. Tenmon doesn't really use much instruments and mainly relies on the piano. Other than that there are usually mostly some string instruments, a guitar here and there and hardly any drums. Once you get a listen to his works its easy to recognize when you're listening to something he has created because of his distinct style.

I'd say if you enjoy some good relaxing piano music, chances are you'd enjoy the soundtrack of 5 Centimeters per Second. The movie itself is worth a watch as well, very nice visuals and music adds to the value.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I really like the song in the trailer.

  2. this is pretty awesome, i love instrumental music so i'll definitely check this out

  3. The song in the video is really pretty! Really soothing, like a song you'd listen to to calm down with. :)

  4. I've been wanting to see this movie for awhile, and it's safe to say this makes me want to see it even more now.

  5. I'll have to listen to it. The last soundtrack from an anime that I liked was Spirited Away, and that was years ago.

  6. 5 Centimeters Per Second soundtrack?
    Oh god, tears starting in 3, 2, 1...

  7. Beautiful music, but not something I'd listen to very often.

  8. not my usual style but i like the first track

  9. hmm, a friend of mine suggested this to me ages ago, I think I'll look into it.