fredag 4. februar 2011

Hammock - Chasing After Shadows....Living with the Ghosts

Genres: Ambient, Post-rock, Instrumental (some vocal tracks, mostly instrumental)
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1. "The Backward Step" - (4:58)
2. "Tristia" - (5:46)
3. "Little Fly/Mouchette" - (5:52)
4. "Breathturn" - (6:00)
5. "In the Nothing of the Light" - (8:48)
6. "Andalusia" - (7:42)
7. "The Whole Catastrophe" - (3:52)
8. "The World we Knew as Children" - (5:39)
9. "Dust in the Devil's Snow" - (6:43)
10. "How can I make you Remember me?" - (4:55)
11"You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes" - (9:14)
12. "Something Other Than Remaining" - (3:10)

I don't have a hard time to admit that Hammock is easily one of my favorite bands. Their music could be categorized as a mixture of ambient and post-rock and I'd say it is quite similar to the works of Explosions in the Sky. The American duet Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson has released quite a handful of albums and EPs.Still it is not hard to imagine that these works never would see the light of the day as they never really had any intention of releasing their studio efforts. But I and many others are very glad they ended up doing it. Hammock is pretty much essential for any listeners of the genre.

Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts is their latest full length album, released in 2010. While I think it is a slight step down from Raising your voice....Trying to Stop an Echo, this is still very much a good album and among their best releases. (It also gives me a reason to post a really nice music video)

Watch and listen to this official video, a beautiful song and a touching video. I simply quote one of the youtube posters ReDDy1988 "they say, if you fold 1.000 paper cranes, you'll be granted a wish. probably the concept of the video. the kid folds 1.000 paper cranes and wishes the bird can fly again."

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  1. Sounds somewhat familiar... I like my music a bit quicker, though.