søndag 6. februar 2011

Final Fantasy 13 (Piano Collections)

Composed and Arranged by: Masashi Hamauzu
Performed by:  Aki Kuroda
Genres: Piano, Video Game Music

1.  "Lightning's Theme ~ Blinded by the Light" - (3:43)
2. "Final Fantasy XIII - The Promise ~ Sunleth Waterscape" - (4:46)
3. "March of the Dreadnoughts" - (3:18)
4. "The Gapra Whitewood" - (4:36)
5. "Nautilus" - (6:12)
6. "Vanille's Theme ~ Memories of Happier Days ~ The Road home" - (4:37)
7. "Nascent Requiem" - (4:03)
8. "Fang's Theme" - (3:53)
9. "Reminiscence - Sulya Springs Motif" - (5:16)
10. "Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII Full Version" - (4:45)

I never really liked Final Fantasy 13, there was something about it that was just completely off. Well there were a lot of things I didn't like about the game. I'm not gonna go into depth to that though, the point is one of the things I really did not like about this game was the music itself.

That on the other hand changed after a while, I guess I just was not used to using a new composer, and his style is one could say a bit...arrogant maybe, with very over orchestrated songs. The soundtrack eventually grew on me, and I quite enjoy many of the tracks, maybe not as much as past games in the series but it is still good.

The piano collections released to Final Fantasy 13 is on the other hand marvelous, and perhaps actually the best piano collection in the series I've heard. Most of the tracks greatly improves over the orginal version as it would sound on piano. Luckily they decided to put most of the good tracks when putting together this album, and there's none I'm really missing. I could certainly do without Vanille's Theme though as I'm not a big fan of this. If I'd point out the biggest highlights it would definitely be "Lightning's Theme" and "The Promise / Sunleth Waterscape".

Anyways if you're a fan of the series, you better not ignore this album. Whether you loved or hated Final Fantasy 13. Also if you want to listen to the full versions, head over to youtube or something I suppose I'm not sure how much google likes me posting links of copyrighted music. For now enjoy this sort of "promo video".

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  1. Soothing stuff. I might have to get it so it's easier to sleep.