søndag 27. februar 2011

The Borrowers (2010) - Original Soundtrack

Genres: Celtic
Music Composed by: Cecile Corbel

1. "The Neglected Garden" - (4:12)
2. "Our House Below - Movie Version" - (3:29)
3. "Our House Below - Instrumental Version" - (2:29)
4. "The Doll House - Instrumental Version" - (2:59)
5. "Sho's Lament - Instrumental Version 1" - (2:47)
6. "Arrietty's Song - Instrumental Version" -(3:31)
7. "Sho's Waltz" - (2:44)
8 "The Neglected Garden - Instrumental Version" - (1:14)
9. "Spiller - Instrumental Version" - (2:01)
10. "Rain - Instrumental Version" - (1:08)
11. "The Wild Waltz" - (3:03)
12. "Sho's Lament - Instrumental Version 2" - (3:13)
13. "An Uneasy Feeling" - (3:13)
14. "With You" - (2:38)
15. "The House is in Silence" - (1:28)
16. "Sho's Song - Instrumental Version" - (3:17)

For some reason I haven't really been wanting to blog lately, and I've just pretty much stayed away from the blogging site, and not even visiting the blogs that I have subscribed to. Now I feel like its time for a change of pace and get back into blogging. Its not like I don't have enough music to recommend, far from it sometimes its just, picking the right albums, and having the will power to do it.

First blog after the break will feature the soundtrack from the Japanese animation feature film The Borrower Arrietty, not yet released outside Japan.

Anyways on to the album itself, this is what inspired me to come back and write about music again on my blog. I've been listening to it religiously since friday, and believe me this one is truly a gem of musical soundtrack, worth every second of my time listening to.

My first impression when listening to this soundtrack wasn't all positive. The Borrowers is Ghibli movie and I had certainly expected that Joe Hisaishi would be the one to compose the music for this album so I was certainly surprised when I took a look at the playlist and saw the name Cecile Corbel. Cecile who? This isn't Joe Hisaishi, and I've never heard of her. Looking past that I gave it a listen, and for once I'm actually happy Hisaishi wasn't doing the soundtrack to this ghibli movie. Cecile's musical style fits like a glove to the environment and the setting itself the movie is set to.

I actually just skimmed past the few songs, and I loved it just like that, at some times you just know you like an album even just skimming past a few tracks, and this is one of them. What surprised me even more is that Cecile Corbel does all of the lyrics herself, and her voice is absolutely breathtaking. If you are into some cheerful celtic music, or just like movie music in general you cannot miss out on this release.

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  1. Hey that's really awesome! I just stopped by to show my support!

  2. I immediatly knew it was a work of Studio Ghibli by looking at the style, hehe.
    But those are indeed some very good soundtracks, thanks a bunch! <3