onsdag 2. februar 2011

She - Orion

Genres:  Chiptune, 8-bit, Electronic, j-pop(some extent)

1. "Escape" - (1:14)
2. "Atomic" - (3:24)
3. "Moonlight" - (3:26)
4. "Computer Music" - (3:15)
5. "Ride" - (3:59)
6. "Home" - (3:49)
7. "Just Your Eyes" - (3:08)
8. "See You Again" - (1:42)
9. "Generic Eric" - (3:08)
10. "Elemental Nights - (3:15)
11. "Orion" - (5:16)

She is a male (yeah.) chiptune artist, who's managed to get quite an impressive list of releases during his career. Although only his last 2 albums, Orion and Coloris (Coloris was actually previous free as well before him signing to a record company)has been released under a record company. Thus the rest of his releases are available for free, and most of them are very much worth having a look at. So I'd recommend, that might actually be a better starting point. Regardless I still consider Orion and Coloris to be his best releases.

If you're a fan of good old 8-bit music or just some good electronic music. Then She is a pretty good artist to follow. If you're new to the genre itself, it is also an excellent starting point. So have a listen.

Did I mention that most of his albums are free, yeah I think I did! (unfortunately not this one so it feels weird recommending this one.) But yeah once again a reminder, you can download the majority of his works here for free.

Or you can visit his myspace to listen to his works as well.

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  1. She... is a male?
    JAAAPAAAN why you keep doing this to me?
    The music in his myspace is fantastic.
    Btw Did you know you can post track lists in your commentaries in myspace, that's really annoying. I was listening Atomic and suddenly music from effing nowhere. Why people do that?

  2. Yeah oddly enough, shouldn't be allowed. Funny thing is..She isn't even Japanese. He's actually Polish but lives in Sweden, what do you know?

  3. oh heck yes i completely forgot about this. moonlight is good

  4. I'd check it out BUT my speakers aren't working >_<

  5. @Quagles: She is playing with my inner weaboo. Jpop? 8bit? Electronic? He knows all my weaknesses.

  6. I'm really digging her um, I mean his stuff.

    Also, I what's the difference between Chiptune and 8-bit? I've never heard of 8-bit as a genre before.

  7. IT'S A TRAP
    Also, listened to some songs on his myspace page. Sounds pretty good, should be downliading :3

  8. "Wow, this chick has a really cute voice"
    >Read Comments

  9. Never heard this stuff man, but I have to say I like what I hear! :D