søndag 6. februar 2011

Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis

Genres: Chiptune, 8-bit, Electronic

1. "Blackout City" - (3:24)
2. "Jetpack Blues" - (3:28)
3. "Dawn Metropolis" - (2:57)
4. "Danger Mountain" - (2:11)
5. "Overarrow" - (2:40)
6. "Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea)" - (3:37)
7. "Mermaid" - (2:40)

"Anamanaguchi" consists of four group members from New York City. Their music combines Guitars, with electric tones mostly coming from hacked Nintendos and gameboys (pretty cool isn't it?). Their debut album "Power Supply" was released in 2006, and since then they've slowly started rising up to fame. Most notably in recent years they are known for making the music of the "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" video game.

Their music style should be quite familiar to anyone who enjoys video game music from the late 80s and 90s as it resembles a bit more of a modern version of that.

It might be worth to take a look at their earlier release "Power Supply" as well if you do enjoy "Dawn Metropolis" as some might say its arguably a better. My personal preference leans over to "Dawn Metropolis" though.

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11 kommentarer:

  1. Not really my genre, but the musics are kinda cool.

  2. Oh, yeah! I love my 8-bit music. Just something about it takes me back when I was sitting infront of my Nintendo.

  3. That's pretty awesome. Nintendo memories.

  4. Man, you've ALWAYS got quality posts. Thanks for a great post and a great blog.

  5. Great album, thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thanks for that Gamerman it brings me great joy to hear that :)

    Also I keep a close eye on your blog but I'm not always great at following up with comments all the time.

  7. Thanx for the share. My best friend who loves 8 bit music is a fan now.

  8. 8-bit really takes me back, haha,
    This is great, thanks for sharing

  9. Oh, Anamanaguchi! the first song I listened was Helix Nebula, long ago. Then I totally forgot about them until the Scott Pilgrim game. Love their music!