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Heroes VS Villains

HVV Official Page (Download for soundtrack here) 
1. "Big Giant Circles - Samus Aran (Metroid)" - The Bounty of a Brain (3:55)
2. "Mazedude - "Mother Brain (Metroid)" -Diesel Brainage - (3:55)
3. "audio fidelity feat. Eric Griffin, Derek Meler, Marcus Affeldt -Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)" Pirate Shout - (3:32)
4. "Diggi Dis feat. Alex Jones - LeChuck (Monkey Island)" - Voodoo, Root's n Grog - (3:45)
5. "Brandon Strader - Kratos (God of War)" -Born of Ashes, Baptized in Blood (5:25)
6. "Kunal Majmudar - Zeus (God of War)" - Wrath Industrial  - (3:01)
7. "WillRock - Axel (Streets of Rage) - Bare Knuckle Blitz - (4:00)
8. "zyko - Mr X (Streets of Rage) - Mr.Z - (5:56)
9. "Mattias Häggström Gerdt - Mega Man (Mega Man) - Screw Wily, I'm taking a vacation (4:08)
10. "Joshua Morse - Dr. Wily (Mega Man) - Screw Mega Man, I'm taking over the world - (3:19)
11. "bLiNd - T.M.N.T (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Go Ninja, Go - (4:13)
12. "Danimal Cannon - Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Enter the Shredder - (4:09)
13. "José the Bronx Rican feat. zyko - Link (Legend of Zelda) - He Ain't a G - (4:22)
14. "zyko feat. José the Bronx Rican - Ganon (Legend of Zelda) - Bladewalker - (7:19)
15. "zircon, Joshua Morse - Ryu (Street Fighter) - Satsui no Koto - (2:57)
16. "posu yan, Joshua Morse feat. Stacy Morse - Sagat (Street Fighter) - Coconut Milk  - (3:39)
17. "Insert Rupee (Benjamin Briggs, halc) - Kirby (Kirby) - The Life and Death of Kirby - (3:54)
18. "Mazedude - King Dedede (Kirby) - Hot Air Penguin - (3:37)
19. "Mustin - Simon Belmont (Castlevania) - The Prodigal Son Returns (3:49)
20. "Ailsean - Dracula (Castlevania) - A Walk with Death - (4:16)

(Note the arrangers name are listed first, then song, then arranged song name)

So some of you might know of this little place called OCremix where they make musical arrangements of video game music. I frequent this site, and can say that much of the work is of very high quality and really shows off what you can do with video game music. It turns out there is another big release from some of their members this month with a soundtrack called "Heroes vs Villains"

Unlike many of the earlier projects I've listened to that has been compiled into albums, this album does not take music only from one or two games. Instead it has quite a big variety in terms of which videogames the music comes from, totaling into ten different games from Castlevania to Kirby. For each title, there is one song for the hero, and one for villain. Such as in the Monkey Island category you have one theme centered around Guybrush Threepwood and one for LeChuck the evil pirate.

Ill admit I haven't really got around to listening to much of it as of now as its not all that long ago since it has been released. I can say you can look forward to enjoy music from very much different genres, and that there probably is something for everyone there. Personally I fell in love with the Monkey Island tunes as this is a series very close to me, and it makes for some very interesting takes on two of the medleys.

Give it a go, after all its free made by fans for fans and these guys have done a fantastic job with this project.

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  1. Seems really cool. I'm gonna download it ;)

  2. Downloading it right now, I can't get enough vidya music in my hard drive.

  3. nice soudtrack im gonna DL it

  4. Just listened to like half that playlist (i.e. the stuff I already had) -- now I feel like just running out and saving the world by punching bad people in the face. Kinda want to make this into my alarm clock...

  5. video at the end is awesome

  6. This sounds absolutely awesome. I'm going to tell people in the real world about this.