mandag 14. februar 2011

Carissa's Wierd - I Before E

Genres: Indie, Shoegaze, Slowcore, Sadcore

1. "Phantom Fireworks" - (5:32)
2. "Die" - (5:18)
3. "Blue Champagne Glass" - (4:48)
4. "Heather Rodes" - (2:53)
5. "One Night Stand" - (3:45)
6. "Drunk With The Only Saints I Know" - (3:28)
7. "Brooke Daniels' Tiny Broken Fingers" - (3:27)
8. "Bathtile Green" - (3:34)
9. "September" -(5:43)
10.  "Ignorant" - (3:19)
11. "Blankets Stare" - (4:06)
12. "Fluorescent Lights" - (4:59)

Carissa's Wierd is a dissolved band that lasted from the period 1995 to 2003. After that period 2 of the main members from the group spawned the vastly inferior group "Band of Horses".  Which is quite a shame because in that eight year period they didn't release a single bad album.

Their music is frankly quite depressing, the overall atmosphere and the lyrics itself are all rather depressing. You can even see it in song titles such as their top hit "Ignorant Piece of Shit".

Figured it could seem fitting for those who aren't the biggest fans of valentines and don't have anyone to share it with. With all the lovey-dovey there and there, lets have something depressive here. But seriously this band produced some pretty great music and its very much worth listening to.

6 kommentarer:

  1. That sounds pretty good, actually~

  2. I like their sounds, thanks for sharing.

  3. That's a very sad song. Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day.

  4. #3 was the best hands down

  5. if its depressing ill stay away from it

  6. What happened at the end? I thought another song started...