torsdag 3. februar 2011

E.S Posthumus - Makara

Genres: New age, symphonic, orchestral
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1. "Kalki" - (3:05)
2. "Varna" - (4:17)
3. "Unstoppable - (3:04)
4. "Durga" - (3:41)
5. "Manju" - (4:18)
6. "Kuvera" - (4:05)
7. "Ushas" - (3:55)
8. "Lavanya" - (3:57)
9. "Vishnu" - (3:38)
10. "Indra" - (4:18)
11. "Arise" - (4:12)
12. "Saint Matthew Passion" - (3:38)
13: "Krosah - (4:50)
14. "Anumati" - (3:39)
15. "Moonlight Sonata" - (5:30)

Today's been a busy day, so there will only be one short update today. Bringing you some orchestral music, very similar to what you see in films. E.S Posthumus (Experimental Sounds "All Things Past") is a music group formed by the 2 brothers Helmutz and Franz who worked on together for almost 10 years. Creating 3 albums, and another few singles. Their music has featured on several different occasions such as a song feautring as the MLB Tonight Theme.

I personally like every of their albums, and there really is no specific reason why I choose Makara. All 3 of them are solid releases. And I could easily recommend all 3 of them. If you're an avid fan of film music in general, E.S Posthumus is very much similar in their style and could be worth giving a go.

Since I already mentioned the MLB song, here it is. It is quite representative of their music in general so its a good way to understand what they sound like.

Unfortunately one of the two members Franz died last year, and so it is unlikely there will ever be anymore releases by E.S Posthumus anymore. With exception of maybe one or two songs. May he rest in peace, and thanks for the music that he and his brother created.

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  1. Pretty cool take on the MLB song.

  2. really cool, I like the orchestral vibe.