onsdag 16. februar 2011

Yasunori Mitsuda - Kirite

Genres: Celtic, Japanese, Orchestral

1. "Is Kirite Burning Up?" - (4:25)
2. "The Market in Volfinor"  - (4:28)
3. "Promise with Winds - Petal's Whereabouts" - (4:51)
4. "The Forest of Lapis Lazuli" - (3:19)
5. "The Azure" - (5:27)
6. "Scorning Blade" - (3:53)
7. "Upon the Melodies of the Moon" - (2:02)
8. "Fated Encounters - The Fall of Darkness" - (2:58)
9. "Nocturne" - (2:33)
10. "As Autumn Passes Away" - (3:40)
11. "The Snow Howling" - (3:29)
12. "Prayer Tree" - (2:10)
13. "The Name of Our Hope" - (4:53)
14. "Circle of Eternity" - (1:32)

Last weeks has been quite hectic with little time for making new posts, checking other fellow bloggers blogs and such. Hopefully ill have more time for this now, and today will feature a double update to make up for lost time.

First out is Yasunori Mitsuda's album Kirite. Mitsuda is most known for his works in the video game history providing the soundtracks of such games as Xenogears, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger.What most do not know about him is that he has released a non-videogame album that actually holds quite high quality.

The album Kirite is based around the story The Five Seasons of Kirite written by Masato Kato where the story itself is set in a fantasy inspired world

While listening to this album you might notice that compared to Mitsudas video game soundtracks you can hear the melody has the same feel as his video game soundtracks. Other listeners might be put off at the Japanese Vocals that features in most of the tracks of this soundtrack.

While Kirite isn't Mitsuda's best work it is worth a listen to see what else he is capable of other than making video game music. Some of the tracks like Nocturne and Circle of Eternity is as well almost if not at par with some of his more memorable tracks from other albums like Time's Scar from Chrono Cross. Unfortunately the album is of some variable quality and not all songs are as good. But overall it is a solid album.

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  1. Especially Circle of Eternity sounds very calming. :3